What to pack for a local move in Arlington, Virginia?

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Arlington is the place you never want to leave. But what to do if you’re looking for a quick change of scenery? Well, just because you live in the same city, doesn’t mean you’ve seen all of it.  Indeed, Arlington has numerous beautiful neighborhoods and various points of interest to keep you occupied for as long as you’d like. That’s why many people never move out. Instead, they prefer local moves. Moving locally is not only a great way to get a better feel for the place, but it’s also a chance to be experiencing something new. And it comes without needing to give up all of your connections and knowledge of the place. The moving services in Arlington, VAtend to be affordable, too – making the decision more straightforward.

Packing for a local move

This isn’t too dissimilar from when you’re moving long-distance, but there are some key differences. For example, if you’re moving out from your parents’ house for the first time to strike out on your own, you can cut down on some costs with the moving companies in Arlington, VA. One way to do it is by leaving behind things you won’t be needing soon or that are best kept for later, such as off-season clothing or various equipment or instruments. That way, your packing will be lighter, which can save you some money. Then, when you’re all settled and the time comes, you can simply visit your old place to get whatever you left behind.

packing to move arlington va

Moving from a different city?

Pay attention to the movers you choose, as that can make a drastic difference in packing. Make sure to pick out the best movers in Arlington, VA by comparing prices and packing services offered. Keep an eye out for any movers that offer to pack things for you, or who allow you to do so. Some movers’ insurances don’t cover items that you’ve packed yourself, so that’s an important thing to keep in mind, as well. Weigh the pros and cons, as well as how much risk you’re willing to take with your items. If all you’re moving is clothes or various sturdy things that are highly unlikely to break during transportation, then having insurance isn’t as important. But suppose you’ve decided to move various fragile things, such as electronic devices, you’d be best served by letting the movers pack those for you and benefitting from the coverage.

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Keep in mind traffic

Another great tip when moving to Arlington, VA, is to keep in mind traffic. It’s no secret that the traffic jams can be massive, so try not to pack any perishables with you, if you’re driving your car to the destination. If you have any pets, it’s also a great idea to leave them with someone you know for the day – moving can be stressful for them too. Instead, make sure to take with you everything critical, such as vital documents, cash, jewelry and so on. Plants are also typically best taken with you, as they tend not to survive moves very well.

Try to keep a list with everything you’d like to take with you

Whether you have one of the Arlington, VA moving companies do the packing for you, or you’re doing it yourself – pack in the order of least importance. That will help you avoid any needless unpacking and see you progressively more and more ready to move out.

Finally, the local moving companies in Arlington, VA typically charge by the hour. That means that the more prepared everything is when they arrive, the less you’ll have to spend overall! So proper preparation is key to having a cheaper, more pleasant local moving experience.

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