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A Guide on Changing Your Address in the DMV Area

Find here a step-by-step guide

Whether you’re just moving into the DMV area for the first time or are a long-time resident, moving internally, you’re going to have to change your address.

That needs doing as soon as possible so that you can have all of your essential mail delivered on time. The entire process for that can seem more complicated initially than it is, so we’ve decided to break it down. Here you can find a checklist of the steps needed to take to change your address in the DMV area.

  • Online, by post, or in-person? Depending on the state, different options may be available, but these three are typically a staple. Check whether the state you’re moving to allows your preferred method on their official website, which has a .gov link ending. With the current ongoing health-related risks, we recommend choosing the online or post options, if possible.

TIP: make sure to keep track of the moving date and the deadlines for address changes, which typically vary by state, but are typically 30 days or less from the date of the move.

  • Once you’ve checked that your preferred method is supported, it’s time to see which things you should track. For example, when moving to Maryland for the first time, you’ll have to apply for a new driver’s license and register and title your vehicle. Keep in mind that there are costs associated with this entire process for each document, although they tend to vary.

TIP: to make sure you get everything right, look through all of your documents and take notice wherever your old address appears – those are the ones you’re likely going to have to change.

  • After you’ve noted down everything that you’ll need to take care of, it’s time to get to work. Here’s a typical checklist of the bare minimums you’ll need when doing any long distance moving in the DMV:

1. Renew your mailing address with the USPS;
2. Adjust your billing address;
3. If you have them, notify your magazine subscriptions;
4. Inform everyone who you’d like to know of where you’re moving – distant relatives and childhood friends included;
5. Announce the move to your bank;
6. Default settings on websites you use for purchases;
7. If you’re part of any clubs that still rely heavily on physical mail, make sure to notify them.

TIP: it helps to go over the months’ mail to see if you’ve missed anything obvious; alternatively, try to ask your friends or family in passing about it, especially the ones that used to move more often

  • There are often quite a few taxes and bills to pay when looking to move. See if you can benefit from any registration fee exemptions. For example, if you’re moving to Alexandria, they’ve got full or partial exemptions for the following persons:

1. Military person;
2. Spouses of active-duty military members;
3. Individual members of Congress and their spouses, according to local law;
4. Recognized foreign diplomats and their immediate families;
5. American veterans with disabilities;
6. Members of the Virginia National Guard.

TIP: most of this information is available online. It can also be obtained offline by a call to the local representatives you’re part of or the local governing body’s public service department.

  • Ask your movers about it. If you’re using local movers in Arlington, VA, they may know a couple of things, given their extensive moving experience. Some moving companies provide official consulting services for that very purpose; other times, the movers are happy to share their local knowledge with you.

TIP: check your movers’ websites! These tend to be treasure troves full of valuable information for anyone moving, especially for their first time.

The most crucial TIP of all is planning for this early. Otherwise, you might incur some nasty penalties or miss vital mail. Happy moving!

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