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Needing an easy fix to sort the chaos when moving? AP Pro Moving has a quick and efficient solution for you, as we offer an eco-friendly alternative to your packing needs. Our service of rental moving boxes is designed to make your move easier, more efficient, and, importantly, more sustainable. Implementing high-quality plastic boxes, say goodbye to damage and to the hassle of assembling and disposing of traditional cardboard boxes after your move.

Moving crates are better than traditional cardboard boxes. Not only are they eco-friendly, but they are also durable and very sturdy.
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For my Business

We know moving can be an overwhelming task, and moving your business can easily seem to be even more daunting. With a lot of items to pack and transport, you may be wondering how to handle it all. AP Pro Moving’s service of rental moving boxes, might just be the solution you need.

Our rental moving boxes can ease this process, providing a smart solution to safely hold your files, equipment, and office supplies. They are also stackable, saving you significant space during the move.

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For my Home

Take advantage of AP Pro Moving’s rental moving boxes to tackle your relocation process like a pro! This sturdy, reusable, and environmentally-friendly alternative to traditional cardboard boxes will take your move to the next level, ensuring your belongings are well protected during transport and against the elements.

Our reusable boxes are a great fit for any items in your home, and they are strong enough to hold and safely transport fragile items like books and dishes. Get rid of the stress and the anxiety of packing your most precious processions in traditional cardboard boxes, and upgrade to a better alternative.

How it works?

If you aim to make your move easier, check our rental moving boxes, which will make your move a breeze. Forget all about disposing of cardboard boxes or dealing with waste upon arrival to your new place.

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Start by choosing the rental package option that better suits your needs, and place an order online. Make sure to specify the quantity and size of boxes required.


Once your order has been received, we will deliver the boxes to you.
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Take your time to securely pack your belongings before your move out date, and after you’ve completed your relocation process and unpacked your items, we will arrange a pick-up date to collect the boxes from your new location.

Benefits of Our Rental Moving Boxes

Navigating a move can be made easy with the use of our rental moving boxes. Get to experience a new and efficient solution for all your moving endeavors, while helping the environment.

Step into the eco-friendly side of moving, and forget all about the waste of traditional cardboard boxes. Stand against deforestation and get to make a positive impact on our environment by opting for reusable plastic that can be used hundreds of times before recycling.

Renting reusable plastic boxes is the best way to save money. Unlike disposable cardboard boxes, that you need to buy again each time, our plastic boxes can be rented, used, and returned, making it the most convenient option. Only pay for the duration of your move, and forget about the hassle of buying and disposing of cardboard boxes.

Durable and robust, our rental moving boxes are ready to transport heavier loads with ease. Get the most out of their capacity while making sure your precious belongings are protected during transit and against the elements. Test our boxes yourself and rejoice in knowing your items will reach your new home without damage.

With an attached lid, our rental moving boxes eliminate the need for tape, making packing and unpacking even easier. Their uniform size makes stacking possible, and make efficient use of your moving transport space possible.

Smart choice: Replacing traditional cardboard boxes for reusable plastic

Traditional cardboard boxes have been the way to go for many of those who face a move, but now we have better, more efficient options that do not entail dealing with some of the following cons:

With a well-known lack of strength, traditional cardboard boxes cannot always assure we will experience a safe move. Not only can they be easily crushed, but they can also give out with weight, and get damaged by moisture during transit.

Traditional cardboard boxes are known to contribute to environmental waste. Many of them are discarded after just one use, ending up in landfills when they are not properly recycled.

Assembly and disassembly of cardboard boxes requires time. Before packing and after unpacking, you will need to dedicate some time to make your boxes ready for the move. This process can be tedious and frustrating, especially when dealing with many boxes.

Customized rental packages

AP Pro Moving offers efficient solutions for your moving plans, and customized rental packages that will surely cater to your individual needs.

Commercial Pricing: weekly rate

Room type It includes Price
Startup package
Up to 10 employees
40 Extra Large crates
10 Dollies
Small Office package
10–20 employees
80 Extra Large crates
20 Dollies
Midsize Office package
20–30 employees
140 Extra Large crates
35 Dollies
Large Office package
30–40 employees
200 Extra Large crates
50 Dollies
Corporate package
40–50 employees
260 Extra Large crates
65 Dollies
*All packages include packing labels and zip ties.

Residential Pricing: weekly rate

Room type It includes Price
10 Large crates
10 Extra Large crates
1 Dolly
1 bedroom
20 Large crates
10 Extra Large crates
2 Dollies
2 bedrooms
20 Large crates
20 Extra Large crates
5 Dollies
3 bedrooms
30 Large crates
30 Extra Large crates
5 Dollies
4 bedrooms
40 Large crates
40 Extra Large crates
10 Dollies
5 bedrooms
60 Large crates
40 Extra Large crates
10 Dollies
1 Large crate
1 Extra Large crate
Reusable Clothing bag
TV box
Wardrobe box
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Planning your move? Rental moving boxes are the way to go

Moving out has never been this easy. With the use of rental moving boxes, you will be able to upgrade your moving experience and get rid of undesired stress. Step into a more convenient moving option by renting sturdy, practical, and reusable plastic boxes. Designed for easy stacking and secure closure, your items are ensured to arrive at your new home safely and unharmed. Tailor your own cost-effective and eco-friendly moving solution with AP Pro Moving and tackle your relocation process like a pro!

Real Customer Experiences: Reusable Plastic Box Rentals in a Nutshell

We believe moving towards a more sustainable-friendly approach to relocation is important, and we believe our plastic box rentals is a step in the right direction, but don’t just take our word for it. Dive into our customer experiences and find out what they think.

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Morgan Grove

Adrian and his team were exceptional! Moving is stressful and I was very glad to have the assistance of such…

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I had an awesome experience moving this week and I highly recommend AP Pro Moving! My condo building…

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Jared Jaskot

I hired them to help with an office move. The team was amazing. They worked so hard all weekend and…

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Frequently Asked Questions about Reusable Plastic Moving Boxes

Renting plastic moving boxes provides numerous benefits. Sturdy, stackable, and water-resistant, plastic boxes provide a safe alternative to transport your belongings during a move. Unlike cardboard boxes, they won't collapse or tear under pressure and weight, and are reusable and environmentally friendly.

While AP Pro Moving strives to provide the most efficient and convenient service to our clients, your presence during the delivery and pickup of the crates is encouraged to ensure all items are accounted for. Our team will coordinate with you to arrange delivery and pickup times that fit into your schedule.

Cleaning and sanitation of our equipment is mandatory after each use. Because of that, our plastic moving boxes are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized, using professional-grade cleaning supplies to eliminate any potential dirt or bacteria. Our priority is for the next customer to receive safe and clean moving boxes.

AP Pro Moving focuses on offering a comprehensive moving local and long distance moving services. Our services are based on the DMV region and throughout the country. Contact us today to get a free quote for your moving plans. We are here to help and committed to make relocation easy for as many customers as possible.

To embark on a truly unforgettable moving journey, we recommend scheduling your move with DMV movers at least a month in advance. This allows us to meticulously plan and prepare for every aspect of your move, ensuring a smooth and timely transition.

Unlocking the secrets of your moving cost has never been easier. Simply visit our website and fill out the form to request a free quote. Alternatively, you can explore our fixed price list for an approximate cost. For a more precise estimate, our dedicated team can arrange an in-home estimate, providing you with an accurate assessment of your moving expenses.

Absolutely! AP Pro Moving is your trusted companion for local and long distance moves throughout the captivating DMV area and beyond. Contact us today for more information by calling at +1 (703) 757 – 6969 or sending an email to [email protected].

At AP Pro Moving, transparency is our guiding principle. We believe in upfront and honest pricing. Rest assured, there are no hidden costs or surprise charges. Every aspect of your move is meticulously detailed and taken care of beforehand, ensuring a seamless and worry-free experience.