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With 5 years and 150k successful relocations, our Maryland movers ensure a smooth, safe experience. We pack, unpack, and set up your new home perfectly. Our 90+ five-star reviews guarantee peace of mind. So, sit back, relax, and let us handle it — We’ve got you Covered!

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AP Pro Moving All-in-One Moving Solutions

Struggling with the thought of moving in Maryland? Our experienced movers are here to help. We manage everything from packing to reorganizing your new space, ensuring a pain-free, fear-free move. Let us take the weight off your shoulders and make your transition a breeze!

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Certified Local Movers in Maryland

Let our Maryland movers lighten your load. With our movers’ deep knowledge of the area, you can avoid the usual moving headaches. You can count on us to manage all the heavy lifting and logistics. Focus on making your new house feel like home while we handle the rest.

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Dependable Long Distance Movers in Maryland

From the moment you book with us, our long-distance movers in Maryland manage everything—planning routes, scheduling pickups, and coordinating deliveries. We ensure your move is smooth and stress-free. We stick to our timelines and keep you updated every step of the way, guaranteeing a timely and predictable move. Simplify your move with us!

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Best Packers and Movers in Maryland

With our packers and movers in Maryland you can relax. Your stuff will be safe, and you won’t have to worry about packing headaches. Achieve an efficient move without worrying about packing challenges, removing the fear of damage and minimizing physical effort. Choose a seamless moving experience!

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Furniture Movers in Maryland

Moving can be a nightmare when you’re worried about dents and scratches. Our furniture disassembly and reassembly movers in Maryland are committed to keeping your furniture, walls, floors, and door frames in perfect condition. Enjoy a stress-free move knowing we’ve got everything covered!

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Experienced College Movers in Maryland

As a student, managing a move can add unnecessary stress to your already hectic life. Our college movers in Maryland specialize in providing a seamless moving experience, so you can quickly settle in and return to your studies and campus activities. Enjoy peace of mind knowing your move is in capable hands.

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Rental AP Crate in Maryland

No more dealing with flimsy and unreliable cardboard boxes. Rent our durable, eco-friendly plastic crates in Maryland and see how easy moving can be. Pack your belongings efficiently, ensuring they stay protected throughout the move. Once you’re settled, we’ll come by and pick up the crates for you. Moving has never been easier!

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Get Your Free Estimate in Maryland!

Moving can be a pain, but we’ve got you covered! Grab your FREE estimate today. Our friendly team will give you an accurate quote and a personalized moving plan. No strings attached, just quick and reliable service.

Why Choose Our Movers in Maryland?

Boasting over 4 years of service and 150K successful moves, our 5-star rating from 90+ reviews says it all. 

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Maryland’s Most Trusted Movers for a Perfect Move

Boasting 5 years of expertise and over 150,000 successful moves, we excel at making your relocation flawless. Our team isn’t just strong; we’re also friendly, cheerful, and dedicated to ensuring everything is perfectly placed before we leave. With our competitive rates, you can enjoy top-tier moving services without breaking the bank. Let us turn your move into a joyful experience!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Movers in Maryland

The price of hiring movers in Maryland can differ depending on various elements, such as the distance of the relocation, the volume of belongings, the season, and extra services like packing or storage. To get a more precise estimate, you can get a free quote from our team. 

The time required for a local move in Maryland can depend on a range of factors, such as the size of your residence, the volume of items, the distance between your current and new places, and any logistical hurdles like stairs or tight corridors. Here are some rough estimates to guide you:

- Studio or 1-Bedroom Apartment: Around 3-5 hours

- 2-Bedroom Apartment or Small House: Roughly 5-7 hours

- 3-Bedroom House: Typically 7-10 hours

- Larger Homes (4+ Bedrooms): 10+ hours, potentially spanning multiple days

The required number of movers for a local move in Maryland largely depends on the size of your dwelling, the quantity of your belongings, and any special conditions like heavy or oversized items. Here are some basic recommendations to help you decide on the number of movers you might need:

 - Studio or 1-Bedroom Apartment: 2 movers

 - 2-Bedroom Apartment or Small House: 2-3 movers

 - 3-Bedroom House: 3-4 movers

 - Larger Homes (4+ Bedrooms): 4-6 movers

At AP Pro Moving, we typically provide a team of two professional movers, along with a dedicated truck and driver. This arrangement ensures a swift, secure, and cost-efficient moving experience for you!

Moving to Maryland comes with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. One of the biggest draws is its proximity to major cities like Washington, D.C., Philadelphia, and New York City, offering easy access to urban amenities and job opportunities. Maryland boasts a robust job market, especially in sectors like healthcare, education, and government. For nature lovers, the state offers diverse scenic beauty, ranging from the Chesapeake Bay to the Appalachian Mountains. Additionally, Maryland is home to highly-rated schools and universities, making it appealing for families.


However, there are downsides to consider. The cost of living can be quite high, particularly in areas near Washington, D.C. The weather features hot, humid summers and cold winters, which may not be to everyone's liking. Traffic, especially around the D.C. metro area, can be a significant hassle. Moreover, Maryland has relatively high state and local taxes, which could impact your budget.


Ultimately, whether moving to Maryland is a good idea depends on your personal circumstances, including job prospects, lifestyle preferences, and housing needs.

If the information that you are looking for is not here, find quick answers to common questions about our services, pricing, and moving process in our FAQs section.

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