tips for moving with kids

5 Tips to Follow When Moving with Kids Under 5

You’ve planned to move into a new home, and now it’s time to see those plans come to fruition. One thing keeps you worried, however. “What about the kids?” It’s no secret that 5-year-olds are as fantastic as they are chaotic. To make matters easier on all of you, we have prepared for you five useful tips to put into practice. They will definitely help you have a pleasant moving experience, with minimal tears, on both sides.

tips for moving with kids

1. Implicate your kids in the process

Moving as a child can be a scary, at times, overwhelming experience. Not only is their entire world, as they know it, changing, but it’s also entirely out of their control. Give them something to do during this challenging period, and they’ll be too preoccupied to worry about the move. Also, try to give them some agency: whether it’s the color on the walls of their new rooms, or packing their rooms. Additionally, explain to them what the whole process looks like, and what possible setbacks there could be. Doing so will implicate them further and set realistic expectations for them, both equally important.

2. Cut through the clutter

If you’re moving as a family, inevitably, there are going to be many things that are no longer necessary. Whether it’s long-discarded toys or piles upon piles of “stuff” in the garage, inspect it all and sort through it. Decide what needs to stay behind, leaving your old clutter out of your new house. It’s okay to hold on to memorabilia, but nobody wants to be the next star of “Hoarders.” And you don’t have to throw all of it away – take all your discarded things to a yard sale or donate them.

3. Help your kids keep in touch

One of the hardest things is saying goodbye, and your kids know it. To lessen the stress, organize a small kids’ party with their friends, and exchange contact information. With the prevalence of the internet, it’s easier than ever to stay connected. That will definitely make them less worried.

tips for moving with kids
Happy young family with children moving with boxes in a new apartment house.

4. Be careful when packing

Most adults can go without one of their favorite blankets for a couple of days. Your kids, however, may not. Consider what are some must-haves for your children and pack accordingly. Stuffed toys, candy, and their favorite handheld console are good to keep in mind. Additionally, you can ask them to think about what they want to take with them and work from there.

5. Get all the help you can

Whether it’s family, friends, or a friendly mover, you’ll likely need all hands on deck. It’s tough to find the time to take care of all the things that need doing with kids roaming around and requiring supervision. That’s why it’s imperative that you either get someone to help watch them or hire the services of one of the professional moving companies. All you have to do is search for “movers and packers near me” to help you pack. Packing usually takes too much time to keep children easily preoccupied if you’re doing it yourself, so getting some help is highly beneficial.

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Additionally, if you hire long distance movers, you’re likely to be settled into your new home much faster, due to needing fewer trips total. Additionally, the best moving companies come with their vehicles and tools, which in return diminishes your total expenses considerably, when you consider the price cuts. They can also help with all the heavy lifting that’s necessary during a move, which helps prevent serious injuries or falls.

Finally, it’s excellent for your peace of mind. Moving with kids is already rough, and there is no reward for putting yourself through more stress than necessary.

We hope these tips helped you and wish you a safe trip!

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