How to move safely during coronavirus pandemic

The global situation caused by the new coronavirus has forced people to think about their way of living and to make pragmatic decisions. Moving to another city or region can be one of them.

Well, if you are planning to move during this pandemic, here are some tips to help you avoid stress, save some money and stay safe. From taking full advantage of the “Do It Yourself” philosophy to getting rid of all these unnecessary things in your life, this guide will help you moving from one home to another as easy and fast as possible. But, first of all, begin to look for best long distance movers, if you plan to move further from neighboring cities.


1. How to find a good moving company near me?

Before you start packing and preparing the furniture, browse the Internet for a moving company near you, that will help you transport all your stuff. Once you have concluded a contract with the moving team and set the date of the move, find out about the protection measures during the actual situation. It is recommended that you notify the moving company team if you have been in contact with the virus or an infected person. This information will help them find a better solution for transporting your things.

For example, if you live in Maryland or Virginia and are looking for local moving companies in the DMV area, you should contact them and ask what precautions to take to minimize the risk of spreading the coronavirus. In addition, if you are worried about the shipping price, find out that some companies can estimate the cost of moving without going to your address (like Sterling VA movers do). All you have to do is to give them the exact information about the furniture boxes and the place where you plan to move.


2. Get boxes and tapes from your moving company

Why? Because now is not the time to reuse the old storage items you have. It is recommended to use new boxes; they are certainly safe and won’t create any problems.

So, if you are moving to Alexandria Virginia, for example, find out that local companies also offer plastic containers for rent. With them you can store and transport your things safely. Do not worry! After each move, these containers are washed and disinfected according to all precautions.


3. The moving team should have everything needed for protection

Solidarity and caution help us in these times of uncertainty. Of course, your moving company must provide its employees with special protection equipment: medical masks and gloves and protective suits, in particular cases. If you live in Fairfax, for instance, find out that Fairfax VA moving companies equip workers with everything they need to protect their customers.

However, to be safe and show solidarity, we recommend you to take a few precautions, such as: urging workers to wash their hands with soap and offer hand towels. If this is not possible for practical reasons, at least provide them with sanitizer.

So far, we hope everything has been crystal clear. But what to do when all the stuff has already been delivered to you? Yes, you are right! Total disinfection! Just to double check.

We are sure that you will do this as soon as you enter your new house. Need a lot of hygiene solutions to accomplish this mission? You can buy them online or from open stores in the area. Better have them delivered at the same moment of your arrival.

For example, if you have just moved to Falls Church, best movers out here can recommend a few cleaning products stores.

Take care of yourself and your loved ones. Stay safe!

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