summer moving tips

The Ultimate Guide: Summer Moving Tips for a Stress-Free Relocation

Are you planning to move during the summer and finding yourself in urgent need of expert advice? Well, you have come to the right place! Let’s dive into five invaluable summer moving tips that will help you have a stress-free relocating experience

Stay cool and Organized: Essential Summer Moving Tips for a Stress-Free Relocation

Get ready for a stress-free summer move with these essential summer moving tips. From booking your truck in advance to starting your move early in the morning, these essential moving out tips for collage students will help you navigate your summer move with ease.

  • Book your truck in advance: Due to summer being the peak moving season, advance reservations can minimize complications and higher costs.
  • Remember to pack water bottles for yourself and the movers:
    • Staying hydrated is crucial during the move.
    • Offer water to the movers and anyone assisting.
  • Start the move in the morning hours:
    • Initiate the move early to beat the summer heat and avoid traffic.
    • Consider cooler late afternoon or evening hours for a DIY move.
  • Activate your utilities one day in advance:
    • Ensure utilities are turned on before arrival for a comfortable move.
    • Consider activating the AC in advance to cool down the new home.
  • Make sure to have a portable fan with you:
    • Portable fans are essential for keeping cool during a summer move.
    • Set up a fan near the entrance or where movers are loading/unloading.

With these valuable insights, you can approach your summer move with confidence. By considering essential factors such as timing, comfort, and preparation, you can ensure a smooth and successful transition to your new home.

Summer moving tips
The Ultimate Guide: Summer Moving Tips for a Stress-Free Relocation 4

5 tips for a stress-free summer moving experience

We know that, like most people in America, you might be considering moving during the summer. Whether you are thinking of local moving or a long distance move, each season has its own advantages when it comes to moving, and summer offers the benefit of school vacations, resulting in minimal disruption to children’s routines and sleep patterns. 

However, the intense summer heat can make a move an unpleasant and draining experience. Thus, if you do opt for a summer move, here we bring you five essential summer moving tips you should consider. 

1. Book your truck in advance 

Due to the popularity of moving during summer, one of the best moving out tips for college students is making advance reservations for your truck or hiring professionals can minimize any unforeseen complications as moving day draws near. What’s more, summer is commonly known as the “peak moving season” and given its popularity, it is important to be prepared for the likelihood of higher costs during these months. It is essential to highlight that this is particularly useful for college students who need to move in or out of dormitories or apartments.

2. Remember to pack water bottles for yourself and the movers

Staying hydrated is crucial to maintain your energy levels and cope with the demands of the move more effectively. Therefore, make sure to include water bottles, hydrating beverages, and light snacks on your moving checklist. 

Even if you’ve hired professional movers, it’s still wise to have water bottles available at both your old and new homes. Don’t forget to offer water to the movers and any other individuals assisting with the move — they will greatly appreciate it.

What’s more, it is essential to prioritize the application of sunscreen. To safeguard your skin effectively, the American Academy of Dermatology advises selecting a water-resistant sunscreen that offers broad-spectrum protection, in addition to having a minimum SPF of 30. Remember to apply the sunscreen at least 30 minutes before venturing outside.

3. Start the move in the morning hours 

Stay ahead of the summer heat by initiating your move bright and early in the morning. This time of day typically offers lower temperatures and humidity levels, ensuring a more comfortable moving experience. 

Starting early not only helps you beat the heat but also allows you to avoid traffic that often builds up later in the day. Aim to begin your move around 8 a.m. or even earlier if possible. 

However, if mornings are not convenient for you and you are opting for a DIY move, consider moving during the cooler late afternoon or evening hours. This way, you can still enjoy more bearable temperatures as you make progress with your move. 

4. Activate your utilities one day in advance 

To ensure a comfortable moving experience, be sure to ensure that your utilities are turned on a day before your arrival. Arriving at a hot and uncomfortable house is the last thing you want on moving day. 

If you live close by, consider going to your new home the night before to activate the AC and have it running. This will help cool down the space in advance, making the transition smoother. By the time you finish unloading and settling in, you can enjoy the relief of unpacking in a cool environment, escaping the summer heat.

5. Make sure to have a portable fan with you 

When it comes to a summer move, it’s crucial to have a portable fan at your disposal to keep you cool, especially if the air conditioning in your new place hasn’t been activated yet. It’s advisable to set up a fan near the entrance of the home or wherever your movers will be actively loading and unloading the truck. Thankfully, portable fans are reasonably priced and readily accessible at various nearby retailers.

Summer moving tips
The Ultimate Guide: Summer Moving Tips for a Stress-Free Relocation 6

Frequently asked questions

Why should I Book my truck in advance?

Booking your track in advance ensures that you have a guaranteed vehicle available for your specific needs and preferred date and time. It helps you avoid last-minute delays or unavailability of trucks, especially during peak seasons or high-demand periods.

Why should I start my move early in the morning?

Starting your move early in the morning allows you to take advantage of cooler temperatures and provides you with ample time to complete the move.

Why is it important to pack water bottles for yourself and the movers during a move?

Packing water bottles is crucial to stay hydrated throughout the physically demanding process of moving. It helps prevent dehydration and ensures the well-being of everyone involved.

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