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AP Pro Moving guarantees your local moving needs will be taken care of ideally. Our well-experienced, professional, and pleasant team will make sure of it. Also, we can give you the best prices tailored to your exact needs, thanks to our fixed price policy. See for yourself!


Ashburn was named the top 2 best place to live in an article by Money magazine, and we couldn’t agree more. Home to multiple science and technology giants and government contractors, it is easy to see why the locale’s economy is reaching incredible peaks and not planning to stop. Additionally, the local public schools consistently rank among the highest in the nation. Year-round events help keep the place lively, while the quiet atmosphere and low crime-rate lend it a calm and pleasant atmosphere. It is also ranked in the top 10 healthiest and happiest counties in the U.S. It reaps all the different health benefits by being so close to the countryside. At the same time, the proximity to the big cities is highly convenient.

An ideal place to settle down

It is truly the ideal place in which to live the rest of your life and raise a bright new generation. Once you’ve made that decision, you’ll need a company to move you there. And among the movers Ashburn VA knows, we come with the highest recommendations. All of our clients are satisfied customers. We think it’s due to us being consummate experts, dedicated to the cause of getting your belongings to where they need to be with no hassle on your part. Ashburn movers can cost a pretty penny, due to the local market competition, which doesn’t affect our business, since we work in the entire DMV area.

An optimal decision

Our years of handling items of all shapes and sizes have prepared us for all scenarios. We customize all of our services to fit each client best. Whether it’s specific packing methods, extra care for delicate and fragile objects or the transportation of pianos or bookshelves – we’ve seen it all. Thanks to that fact, you can be sure all of your belongings will get where they need to, safely and securely, for a quarter of the cost you might otherwise get. We’re efficient, pleasant and always on time – ask our reviewers! If you require an Ashburn moving company, look no further and get your free quote today!