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Hernán Diego Velarde


  • Experienced writer and editor in sites offering different services
  • Student with training in Legal and Commercial Translation at the School of Languages, National University of Córdoba.
  • Engaged in research as a student at the School of Languages, National University of Córdoba.
  • Embraces a multicultural and bilingual approach, specializing in English to Spanish translation.

Training and Experience:

Hernán Diego Velarde is an advanced college student specializing in translation at the College of languages, National University of Córdoba. With a wealth of training and experience in the English language, he has successfully guided individuals in developing their language skills, exemplifying his strong teaching abilities.

He has also made important contributions as a translator and editor for different prominent websites. In this role, he has meticulously translated and edited content, ensuring accuracy and maintaining the highest quality standards.

Moreover, Hernán’s rich personal experiences, including extensive travel and relocation across different provinces in Argentina and abroad, have given them the necessary experience to write for AP Pro Moving. His firsthand encounters with diverse locations and cultures have fostered a deep understanding of the intricacies and challenges associated with moving, allowing him to provide valuable insights to the website’s readers.

With his comprehensive education, extensive translation and teaching experience, and a unique background enriched by travel and relocation, Hernán Diego Velarde brings a multifaceted skill set and a fresh perspective to the realms of language services and copywriting.


Currently pursuing his undergraduate degree, Hernán actively engages in continuous training in various subjects related to translation, research, and teaching. 

Additionally, Hernán possesses expertise in working with various tools, including WordPress and CAT tools such as Trados. These technical proficiencies complement his linguistic skills and have facilitated his seamless transition into the realm of copywriting, where he adeptly harnesses his abilities to engage and captivate audiences.

In addition, Hernán possesses extensive expertise in science communication, having acquired skills in crafting compelling and informative content of the highest quality. With his academic foundation and professional abilities, Hernán is a highly qualified individual capable of producing top-notch digital content.