Our Authors:

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Ana Aguirre


  • Writer and editor of content that effectively promote, engage, and inform users
  • Advanced College student specialized in Legal and Commercial Translations. 
  • Embraces a multicultural and trilingual approach, specializing in English to Spanish translations

Training and Experience:

Ana Aguirre is an advanced student at the National University of Córdoba, where she specializes in translation at the College of Languages. She has worked as a translator, editor and post-editor for different websites. In this role, she has translated and adapted content to reach her target audience, maintaining the highest level of accuracy.


Moreover, and with a vast training and understanding of the English language, Ana has strived for making the language accessible to many individuals, helping them develop and enhance their language skills, as well as apply for different desired positions.


Ana has also allowed her passion for languages to influence her personal life and connections, including the study of two other languages. Additionally, traveling abroad and around Argentina, as well as participating in multicultural activities, has given Ana the experience to write for AP Pro Moving. 


Her understanding and personal experience with relocation has given Ana a unique insight into the process and the challenges of moving, as well as a desire to share her insights with others. With the knowledge she has acquired over the years, and her academic background, Ana brings a new perspective to write content relating to moving and relocating in the hopes of making this process easier to the website’s readers.


Ana is currently pursuing her undergraduate degree, as well as she engages in further specialized translation training and English teaching. Also, her language learning endeavors keep her in permanent contact with other cultures and native speakers around the world.


Moreover, during her higher education studies, Ana has acquired expertise in various translation fields, tools, and systems. This, including her secondary education Degree in Languages and Communication, has complemented and attest to her linguistic skills and technical proficiencies. Furthermore, her personal and professional experiences have given way to her dive into the world of copywriting, where she strives to share the best curated content to the audience.