A high culture destination

Many Bethesdan residents are entirely enamored with their urban living, and it’s easy to see why. From having some of the best universities across the globe, to being home to top-tier medical schools, theaters and museums – it truly has it all. The high culture environment attracts only the most experienced professionals to a place of luxury and splendor, appealing to even the most discerning taste. Ready access to excellently kept green walking trails, boutiques aplenty and the most exquisite cuisine you’ll ever taste. These are just some of the key reasons why living here is sought after by so many.

A beautiful place to move to

Also, it situates itself very well at a mere 8 miles from DC. A low unemployment rate, coupled with a high salary average makes it an even more attractive moving destination. Its rich history permeates the place, from the architectural decisions of centuries past reflected in the style of houses to the country’s legendary museums. It houses such famous sites as the Smithsonian and the breathtaking natural reserve of the National Zoo. Both are great places to visit during the moving day while you let our Bethesda movers handle the rest.

A company with a mission

As one of the most prominent movers Bethesda MD has known, AP Pro Moving guarantees only the best service for you and your belongings. Our friendly team of experts will ensure your satisfaction during, but also after the moving process. We offer to disassemble, pack, move, reassemble and place all of your items in your home exactly how you want it. Don’t need our help with some parts of the process? No problem – we tailor our services precisely to the needs and desires of our clients. To inquire more, call us or contact us on our website – the first quote is free!


a street view of Bethesda from a window of a flat

Movers in Bethesda costs

You may have thought moving cross country was the most cost-effective way to go, but you’ll be surprised by how many hidden costs there are. Let our team handle all those nitty gritty details so that your move can proceed without stress or upheaval! We don’t hide anything from you and would love for us to explain everything in detail, if you request a quote.